Construct the Road through Space

by Control Human Delete

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released April 7, 2011

Eon – Drums, Guitars
Pulse – Bass guitars, Guitars, Synths, Programming
Spectre – Synths, Sound-design, Programming
Void – Vocals, Lyrics



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Control Human Delete Netherlands

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Track Name: Cosmography

creed; supreme; contempt; the design;
speculations; sanctity; infinite conceit;
snails; vanish; verdict; fractal design;

Those who have ventured receive the gratitude
and vanish before this dying eye. While the
minitiae facts break the frailties as they
come by. Interconnects of the truth. They cannot
act where they are not. Oneness. One possibility
confronts the other, reflecting sunlight on
darkness. To break. To break.

The ideas where ridiculed at. Convinced of the
ultimate beauty which lies underneath. "They
should have failed to deduce from the works of God"

"They should have failed to deduce from the works of God"

erase; break; conceal; rule; sense; the truth; redeem
Track Name: Outside the Universe
"Outside the Universe"

It is all matter and energy that exists.
The stars at the far end,
progressively dimmer,
progressively blurred.

Empty spaces,
a vast number of empty spaces.
In which nothing would seem to happen
for lightyears and beyond - the great stillnes.

Beautifully curved lines
and sheets of light
make up all the galaxies
of epoch's ago
Monstrous spiraling arms
swirling in and out
as we try to speed up light

Exploding clusters of stars
of which some develop into dense eternal blackness
Then devouring others

From quantum uncertainties
to massive relativistic bodies
Are we trying to chase/catch the infinite?
Or will it reach its equilibrium?
At which everything will break down again,
into this tiny dot of unbearable bright light.

Inspired by Assimov's essay 'What Is the Universe?'